In Times Like Noah

We live in a broken world.

We have perverts preaching morality, we have bigots telling us to be tolerant. We have transgender people denying birth sex. We have trannies reading to, and attempting to persuade our young children in public libraries and schools. We have non-biblical marriage acting like it’s normal. We have preachers that are now entertainers including lights and smoke displayed in worship. We have mega churches a mile wide and a foot deep. We have more Christian persecution in the world than ever before. We have men and women selling children for their sexual pleasure. We have more slavery in the world then ever before. We have leaders in every nation doing everything they can to kill the Christian Church. We have women killing their babies by the 10s of millions yearly for their convenience.

Yes, something is wrong with the world today. Men have left the church leadership. Families go to church to be entertained only. Yes, this world is broken. We have fatherless families. We have gangs taking the place of the family. We have turned into a spineless society that won’t stand up for what’s right. In times like Noah, we are there more so then ever in history.

Now, how to fix it, you ask?

The word. Every answer to these problems, and to every other problem has been given to us. But isn’t that just too hard? Churches have watered down the gospel until it’s just a politically correct doctrine with very little actual meaning. Hey, we say, it’s none of my business. But it is and I’m telling you, every knee will bow and we will be held accountable for what we did. And yes, what we didn’t do as well. Where will you stand? Will you feed the widows? Can you at least visit or call? Will you help the homeless? Remember, it’s not what they do with your help that should concern you. Will you judge the young pregnant girl who is keeping her baby? Will you show her love and understanding? Will you speak up for the biblical definitions of marriage, family and leadership? Will you fight for a babies right to live? Yes, these are the times like those in Noah’s days. So, the question is, will you help someone receive their daily bread?

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