Who’s in church?

Who still goes to church ? Why are they there? It seems like entertainment is the key factor. Lights, camera, action… Let the show begin. Trimmed beards and skinny jeans, yep that’s the pastor, ain’t he hip! Man this place is fun.

Don’t get me wrong I know many good pastors that fit that description. I also have seen churches “do the show” and still preach the word. But most, regardless of the size, have fallen away from the church of Acts. It has turned into a venue or just a business trying to pay the bills.

So where is the real church. I remember reading that Billy Graham once said 75-90 % of people in the pews on any given Sunday, are not a true born again Christian. They are just attendees. What has happened to the church in America? Where did it go? Why did we let it leave?

In the late 60s and 70s I witnessed men no longer leading the church. Sunday school buses now allowed parents to stay home because we will take the kids for you. Then the WORD just started getting watered down. Next came political correctness and the 501c tax exempt laws. Now you can’t put a name to sin or ya gotta pay tax.

Mrs Jones has a gay son and they have been giving to our church for years, we can’t offend them after all we let him play the organ as a paid employee. And the Carmichael’s well we all know their daughter is in rehab, again. We’d like to mention the food center more but a few families go there weekly and let’s not embarrass them.

But now attendance has grown x 3 and so has the offering. We have great musicians here, maybe you’ve seen them play at the bar on Saturday night, their good. The lights and smoke did cost a bit but the people really like it.

The new pastor is great, working on his third book and has brought in 4 assistants pastors and guest speakers to preach to give him time to write and speak at other churches about his last book. Yes we are really blessed .

The reality is, those businesses are a mile wide and a foot deep at best. The word is watered down and no longer biblical. Let me preach my opinions from my book. I just know you’ll like it but first let’s get the band ( no longer the praise and worship team) up here and take the offering.

Yes, who is in church today and why. Have fun, and get in that reserved seat that you have paid for and hear my opinions. Drop off the kids and you all can win a prize in this week’s giveaway. Don’t forget to sign up to some small groups so you can actually meet and get to know a few people here. Yep who goes and why?, to that place they call church

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