In His Shoes

Do you know who Jesus is?

You think you you do.

You say you do.

But the truth is, you don’t.

We know what we read, what we’re taught, what we see on tv and in movies, but, do we know him?

The answer?

No, we don’t.

Paul said, “I wish to know Christ.”

Boy, if he didn’t then who can? I want to know him. It was George Harrison who sang “My sweet Lord, I really want to know you.”

They say, “to know a man you must walk a mile in his shoes.”

With Jesus it means: To know his love is to know his anger. It means to know both his suffering and disappointment.

It means to know the whip and the suffering.

To know the pain and misery of crucifixion.

Jesus is the Word. He was there with the father during creation and there at the fall in the garden. with Moses, David and Daniel. From the beginning until today.

Yet, we say, “we know him.”

He is our savior, our Lord, our rock and foundation. He is the son of the living God. He is the only way to the father and eternal life. Yet we think we know him.

Have you given all and expected nothing in return?

Do you give to the needy and not concern yourself with what they do with your gift?

Have you suffered for those that will turn their back on you?

Have you poured your heart to those who will deny you?

Have you taken the lashes that were meant for someone else?

Have you carried the cross that will cause your death?

And, you say you know him?

We do not know Christ nor will we ever know him. But as a christian, it is our job to try. You will fail more than you succeed and that is the wonderful thing about grace.

He loves us all, but those who confess his name with their lips and believe he is who he is, in their heart, will just start to know him, just a little.

Did you walk in his shoes?

Will you even try?

Will you hide behind societies definitions?

Will you shout the truths from the mountain top?

So, you say you know Jesus…

Or, perhaps the real question is, will he say “I do not know you”?

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