Shades of Gray

As apposed to movies, with Christ there is no gray.

You are either with him, against him or in the way. You cannot preach his word and accept societies views.

You cannot walk the line.

Yes, sometimes it’s hard, but no one said the Christian walk was easy.

My grandfather once told me “if life was easy we’d have nothing to look forward to in heaven.”

He was right. To call yourself a Christian you must strive to be like Christ. As I said in my last post that is impossible. But we try.

I remember teaching an adult class on the sermon on the mount. I told them “What Christ spoke wasn’t what we had to do, it was what we could never do.”


Yes, they looked at me funny.

But my whole life I’ve been taught that this was what we do to be a Christian, they all said.

No, I said, “This is what made Jesus different than us. He could and did do those things. We can’t do a single one. Not 100%. Not everyday. You see, he was again telling the masses who he was.”

So, what can we do?


That’s it. Do better today than yesterday.

But what of the gray areas? There is no gray.

We can’t preach Jesus’s love but support abortion.

We can’t tell others of God’s grace but agree with homosexuality.

We can’t pick and choose the Bible verses we like and ignore the ones we don’t.

We can’t accept sin to justify our own sin.

We all sin and fall short of God’s glory. Repentance is the only way to receive God’s grace and forgiveness. People try to justify their sin by saying, we all sin and all sins are the same to God. Well this may be true but you must stop the sin to get forgiveness. There are no mass murders that are a Christian, no thieves, liars, adulterers or coveters. There are no abortionist or abusers. There are no gay Christians if they still practice homosexuality. No pornographers, or pedophile’s.

There are no shades of gray.

You are with God, following Christ, or you are not.

Most of us have said or heard, do as I say not as I do. We are hypocrites . There are no hypocrites in heaven. Yes every sin is an insult to God but every sin is forgivable. Yes, the Boston strangler could be in heaven. Mass murderers, rapists, and Hitler even. If they spoke the words with their lips (and meant it in their hearts) and repented.

So, it’s only black and white.

Where do you stand?

You can’t support sin, either. There is no, “I was only driving the car” either.

Supporting or ignoring sin is the sin as well. Yes, I believe we will still be accountable for or sin but forgiven. Paul (Saul) was a ruthless persecutor of Christians, but Christ chose him and more importantly forgave him.

Though I do enjoy the color on my walls, gray has no place in my Christian faith. Even though God gave us the rainbow of many colors, like an old movie, following Christ is only black and white.

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