So today was Father’s Day. I’m a dad of 4. Two boys, two girls. Jeff, my oldest, is a blogger, author, and public speaker. He is married to Ashley and has two children. One boy, one girl. Rhea is self employed as a virtual assistant, with many accounts. She also is a writer. She is married to Daniel. No kids yet (3 dogs). Marissa works in Birmingham and is married to Jacob. Also with 3 dogs. Patrick is 16 and may be the best writer in the family. He is working on a book series with Rhea. He plays sax and guitar. Getting better at both daily.

I am a dad.

It is the best job I’ve ever had. Sometimes hard, sometimes not so much.

I’d like to think that I’ve been a pretty good dad, but I know that that has not always been the case.

I’ve coached, led scouts, and volunteered for everything I could in their lives. I’ve taught them to shoot guns, cook gourmet meals, trust God, and love family and friends.

They don’t know all the times I failed them.

Regret is the deepest cut in a man’s life.

I was a young songwriter and (kinda) musician before kids. I really wasn’t bad either. I thought I couldn’t live that life and be the father that I wanted to be, at least that’s what I believed at that time. Children don’t always know the decisions some dads make to stay home. So, I just worked and was a dad playing in my living room for my kids.

Now, I was no hero for staying home… perhaps just weak enough to put my dreams to the side.

We teach our kids that they can do anything that they want to do, yet we give up on ourselves.

Or… was that just me?

I lost my biological father when I was around 12. A few years later, my mom met a great guy and got married. That is the man I call dad. He married a woman with five kids, giving up his lifestyle of motorcycles, racecars and bachelorhood. He is the guy who taught me what a man is.

My whole life I knew of my Heavenly Father but it took a long time to understand the depth of that relationship.

I now know that the kind of dad I am or even wish I was, doesn’t even compare to him.

So happy Father’s Day to all men.

Most have been a father figure to someone in their life. I would say every man truly falls into this assignment, even evil men with their leadership.

Remember to look up and know that your Lord God is really your father too.

Just call him dad.

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