Something’s wrong with the world today.

Yes, there is something wrong for sure. We have immorality that existed not long ago, considered mental illness, running the country, with most of the world following suit.

In my town we have pride parades and city officials bending to the agenda by allowing rainbow artwork to be applied on the streets. I am in what was once known as the Bible belt. I’m not too sure that it exists anymore.

As a Christian, I am opposed to the gay agenda. I show compassion to any sinner, as I am one too, but if you choose to live any unchristian lifestyle it is my duty to inform you and pray for you. Don’t hate me because I’ve chosen to follow my Lord’s command.

Trannies reading to children in public libraries, homosexuality being taught in public schools, and yes, the desecration of the biblical term, marriage. Yes, something is very wrong. Satan, via the one world order, has taken this and its purpose to destroy our country.

Destroy the family and you will kill the church. The real church. Morality, parental leadership, and family structure have always been the backbone of the church. Without these basic ideas all respect for the church and community are dissolved. Without a father, there is no understanding of the Heavenly Father. Without leadership in the home there is no understanding of the church and Bible.

All of these things in our time are written about in our Bible. Like those in the days of Noah, we were warned. Like those days, without repentance, God’s wrath will be upon us.

Can we fix this? Yes and no. We can fix our families, well, we can try. We can change the church, and we can change the direction of this world. But if it really is the end times, (I believe it always is) then things will continue to get worse as a whole society.

I always think of the song “I’d Love to Change the World.” Everywhere, freaks and hairies, dykes and fairies. Tell me where is sanity… Black and White, rich and poor, them and us, stop the wars… I don’t know what to do, so I’ll leave it up to you.

Yes there is something wrong. And yes, as a whole it will get worse. But your world, your fight, can get better if you try.

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