Which are you?

The more I studied the New Testament, the more I liked Peter. It’s not that I don’t care for Paul. Peter just seemed more like me. Which are you?

Paul said, “To be like Christ, do what I do.” Now this is true, and it’s a great plan. Both new Christians and old can find his teachings the greatest map to Jesus.

Peter wasn’t much like that though. He knew Jesus personally, and was His chosen leader. He was to be the rock for which the church would be built upon.

But he failed Jesus many times. He denied him, he ran, and was afraid after Christ was crucified. He knew he could never be like Jesus.

It’s said he chose to be crucified upside down because he wasn’t worthy of dying the same way as Jesus. I believe I am a Peter, not a Paul.

I have at times been a Paul, but today I understand Peter much more then I ever did. I too am not worthy of anything God chooses to bless me with. I fail him daily.

What about you? Do you say follow me? Or possibly say, why does he choose to favor me when I fail him so often?

Maybe it comes with growth, or maybe it takes a while to admit to yourself and then to the public. I do try, I do teach, and I do fail. I’ve often said, “My knees stay scraped up. When I’m not falling, I’m on them praying.” Not sure where I picked that up but it rings true.

I’ve often taught that the Sermon on the Mount wasn’t about what we had to do, but rather about what Jesus did, and what made him stand alone. Now, I do believe his intentions were for us to try to live up to those things, and all his teachings. But the truth is, we can’t 100% do a single one.

So who are you? There is no right answer, it’s just something to ponder. Most of us will try to follow Paul’s teachings, but some of us will understand later that we are Peter.

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