“And The Rockets’ Red Glare”

So, tomorrow is the celebration of the United States’ freedom from tyranny. We use fireworks to remind us of the years and years of battling for our freedom.

Today, people just seem to think it’s a picnic day with no work. But it’s so much more than that. Today there are people burning our flag daily, but if you remove an LGBT flag it’s a hate crime.

We have athletes kneeling for the National Anthem, not remembering that the song and flag is representing what makes this great country give them the millions of dollars they get for playing a game. Who do they think they are? Do they really know what it is they are doing?

A woman playing on the United States soccer team kneeling while they play the Anthem. Professional athletes doing this as well. This is mental illness, or treason.

We all have family that served in the military. Some went to war, some didn’t. But they all signed a blank check to give their life for this great nation. Only fate decided who went to fight in the war. As we all know, that can happen overnight.

Treason, or mental illness? I believe it’s both, but mostly the former. A very small percentage of the American people signed the Declaration, and risked it all. Most lost everything. And now you believe the freedom that this country gives you, because men and women have fought and died to protect those rights. They are the ones that give you the right to burn our flag or kneel for our anthem. Now, you spit on the graves of everyone who ever signed up.

Now, companies are banning the flag and its design because it’s racist? No, America didn’t promote slavery, the European and African nations brought it here. And truth be told there is more slavery in the world today than when it was legal.

So the flag may stand, for the right to burn it. And coaches, leagues and owners may allow players to kneel, but if you do it in my presence there will be words and actions. God has blessed America, home of the free and the brave. Yes, we will remember when we watch the bombs bursting in air, the sacrifices made by every family in this great country.


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