Something New

Remember when you got a new bike when you were young? You washed it daily, bragged about it, and showed it to everyone. It was great, and it was the best.

Or maybe that new car. You polished it, kept it clean, and told everyone about it. It was new, and the best thing you had at the time.

Maybe that girl or guy. They were the one. You didn’t care what anyone said about them. They were the one. You peacocked around, as if saying, “Yeah, she’s mine.”

And what about when church became the place you wanted to be. Your church. Jesus was new or renewed to you. You told everyone, or maybe you didn’t even need to. They could tell by looking at you, listening to you and observing you. Yes, they knew.

But in time, the bike got dirty and perhaps broken, and just sat in the garage corner. The car was just a vehicle, and repairs weren’t kept up.

Your wife became boring, your husband didn’t pay attention to you as much. You end the relationship because it’s no longer exciting or top priority.

Jesus and your church became a Sunday thing only. Other gods now take up your time.

But the bike and the car can be repaired, and even wanted again. Your ex loses that weight and becomes a treasure again to someone. If you’re lucky it can be you again.

The church, maybe not even the same one, can become exciting and a desire again. And maybe you are lucky enough to find that Jesus is still there where you left him, waiting for your return. Arms wide open. Forgiveness and understanding greeting you, loving you. And you understand it was you who left not him.

Yes, we all get excited over something new. In time, however, we learn to understand, if you take care of things in your life, not only do you still enjoy them, they become more valuable to you as well as onlookers.

Yes, everything at first is something new. But everything can continually be something exciting and new, if you let it and if you care for and take of it. Yes, it’s always great to get something new and sometimes you find the new thing was always there.

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